We are OPEN! Join us Wednesday from 5pm – 8pm.

South Bend Bike Garage

Now accepting donations

We are a community cooperative where people of all incomes, ethnicities, and ages can come together to work on bikes. If you’d like to donate a bike or get involved, reach out!


Need a bike repair? Our volunteers will teach you how, and you can use our tools at no cost.
We also have tons of spare parts that you can purchase at a reasonable price.


Short on cash, but need a ride? No worries! If you volunteer for 6 hours in the garage, you can earn a bike, for FREE.
Pick out a donated bike in need of repair, and we’ll help you get it out on the road!


No time to volunteer, but need a ride at a good price? Our volunteers work hard to fix up donated bikes and get them road-ready. You’ll be cruising in style, and helping us keep the lights on!


Have any questions? Want to volunteer? Got a bike to donate? Reach out!